Friday, December 4, 2015

Vegetable Grilled Sandwich/ खलबत्ता Sandwich :)

So now everyone must be thinking what is this खलबत्ता Sandwich? Ok so the story goes like this. My Mother-in-law ate vegetable grilled sandwich in Hong Kong back in 1986-87. She loved it but didn’t have a grill to make a grilled sandwich. She is a very creative lady and comes up with innovative ideas. So she made sandwich and put it on a skillet with butter, put a plate on the sandwich and to give that pressed look and taste she put small kitchen Khalbatta (Brass Mortar-pastel ) on that plate. It turned out to be an awesome grilled sandwich (except the grill marks on it). So since then this sandwich got this name in our household. I know we are one crazy family.

Anyway so to make it healthier my mother-in-law added a secret ingredient to it. What is it? Let’s see.


  1. Bread: 4-6 slices 
  2. Ajwain/ Ova or Carom seeds: 1½ Tbsp. 
  3. Ginger-garlic paste (optional): 1 Tsp. 
  4. Onion: 1Cup (finely chopped) 
  5. Green pepper: 1Cup (finely chopped) 
  6. Spinach: 1Cup (finely chopped) 
  7. Arugula (optional): ½ Cup (finely chopped)
  8. Carrots: 1Cup (finely chopped or grated) 
  9. Tomato: 1Cup (finely chopped) 
  10. Cheese (optional): 1cup (grated) 
  11. Unsalted Butter: ½ stick 
  12. Salt: To taste
  1. Take a kadhai and put ½ Tspn of butter to it. 
  2. Add ajwain and let it splutter nicely.
  3. Now add chopped onion to it. Sauté till little translucent. Add a little salt at this time which will reduce the cooking time for onion. 
  4. Add carrots and let it cook. 
  5. Once carrot is cooked, start adding other vegetables one by one. 
  6. Add salt as per your taste. You may add ginger-garlic paste at this time. 
  7. Make a nice mix vegetable and keep lid for couple of minutes. Take a bowl and keep this prepared stuffing in the bowl. 
  8. Take bread and butter it generously. This time I took Garlic Tuscany bread since wanted to give a Panini look and also wanted to finish the bread loaf. However, you may take any bread of your choice. 
  9. I used preheated Panini maker on 350F. 
  10. Make sandwiches now. Take one bread slice, put the above mentioned stuffing in it and put another slice over it. 
  11. You may add grated cheese at this time, to your sandwich.  
  12. Put a little unsalted butter on grill and put the sandwich on it. You may put a little butter on the top side of your sandwich to make it crispier. 
  13. Grill both sides properly. 
  14. Mine took around 8-9 minutes. 
  15. Put in on a plate. Cut it and serve it with your choice of sauce. 
This is the easiest and yummiest sandwich I have ever tasted in my life. The secret ingredient here is Ajwain or Carom seeds. Since bread tends to become gaseous for some people, ajwain is added to the recipe. Also ajwain has its nice taste on its own so we do not need to add any extra ingredients to make it more tasty.

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