Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Puri in Air Fryer/ Air Fried Puri/ पुरी/ Puri Traditional Vs Air Fryer/How to make Puri

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In traditional Indian house hold Puri has a very important role. All the festivals call for a Puri instead of Roti/ Chapati or naan. It is usually carried for long train journeys because it lasts longer. In Maharashtra we eat it with Shrikhand, Potato sabji, etc on any big or small festival. Today I'm showing you all how to make it in an air fryer as well well as traditional way with some tips and tricks.


1. Wheat Flour: 2 Cups 2. Suji/ Rava: 1 Tsp 3. Sugar: 1 Tsp 4. Salt to taste 5. Oil: 2 Tsp for dough and for frying 6. Water: For kneading a soft dough (around ¼ Cup)



1. Make a big wheat dough by adding all the ingredients. 2. Make multiple smaller dough balls for Puris. 3. Grease the rolling surface with oil. 4. Roll a small rounded Puri. 5. Heat the oil. It should be medium. 6. Put the rolled Puri in medium hot oil and fry them (refer video)

Air Fryer Method:

1. Preheat the air fryer for 400 F for r 5 min. 2. Oil the air fryer basket with oil spray or by brushing it. 3. Put 2-3 Puris at a time in the preheated oven. Spray the above surface too. 4. Put air fryer lid and put it on 400F for 5 min. 5. Take them out carefully and serve them hot. Hope you all like this super easy recipe. Do try it and let me know in your comments. Happy cooking !!!!

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