Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Boiled Eggs in Instant Pot

So here I am with my ‘Instant Pot’ AKA ‘IP’ for more than 6 months now. But still couldn’t write lot of recipes which I prepare in my beloved IP. Lot of people asked me to write more recipes in an IP after my Sooji Halawa recipe in an IP. So here is the easiest and quickest breakfast recipe cooked in an IP. How to boil eggs in an IP?


  1. Eggs: 7-8 
  2. Water: 1 Cup+ ¼ Cup
  1. Take one cup of water in the IP’s stainless steel pot. 
  2. Take 7-8 eggs (preferably at room temperature) and put them either directly on the trivet or in another small pot with ¼ cup of water in it. 

  3. Put the lid on. 
  4. Press ‘Manual’ and adjust the timer to 5 minutes. If I want hard boiled eggs or if I want the eggs to leave the shells quickly, then I put in on 8 minutes setting. 
  5. Adjust the ‘Pressure’ to ‘High’. (My preference)
  6. Click ‘Manual’ again to ‘Off’ the IP after it is done. 
  7. Once you hear the beeping off sound, I usually wait for NPR (Natural Pressure Release). I know a few people, who let it sit on NPR for 5 minutes and then do a QR (Quick Release) and take the eggs out. 
  8. Since I let it sit for NPR, it usually takes about 7-8 minutes for the steam to release naturally. 
  9. Take the eggs out and run them under cold water. 
  10. Peel them and serve to your taste.

I cut it.

Serve it with garlic salt and paprika.

Hope you like this quick recipe of boiled eggs in the IP. 

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