Saturday, February 4, 2017

Paan Ladoos

I wanted to try this recipe for a very long time. I had seen it online by Manali Singh. Also my mother always used to make these laddoos when she used to have leftover condensed milk after some recipe but she never added Paan (Betel leaf) in it. But this variation was just too awesome. So many thanks to Manali’s recipe. I have always made this recipe with rose essence and red color as rose laddoos, will upload the detailed recipe for that too soon.
So here we go.


  1. Dry Coconut powder (desiccated coconut) or fresh grated coconut: 2½ Cup
  2. Desiccated coconut: ¼ Cup 
  3. Paan leaves (Betel leaf): 4-5 (depending on the size of the leaf) 
  4. Condensed Milk: 14 oz can
  5. Gulkand (Rose petal jam or preserve): 4-5 Tbspn. 
  6. Velachi Powder (Cardamom powder): ½ Tspn. 
  7. Ghee (Clarified butter): 2 Tspn. 
  8. Green color: Optional


  1. Cut betel leaves and put it in a mixie bowl along with condensed milk. Give a good pulse. I used my food processor. Use any mixer provided you don’t need to put any water in it. 
  2. Take a pan and put dry coconut powder in it. Roast for a minute and now add ghee to it. 
  3. Roast it for 3-4 minutes. Make sure to stir it continuously to avoid burning. We want white coconut and not brown coconut at the end.
  4. Add velachi powder at this time. Keep stirring. 
  5. You may add a few drops of food color in it while roasting. 
  6. Take it out in a bowl and add paan mixture to it. Original recipe said that you will have to combine it on the stove and heat for couple of minutes but I prefer this way so I always make it this way. You may want to put it in microwave for a minute if you feel the consistency is too runny. Put it in microwave for 30 sec, stir and repeat the process until they are well combined. 
  7. Follow the same procedure for plain and rose laddoos too. 
  8. Mix it well. I added a couple of drops of food color at this stage and got a beautiful green color. However, putting food color is completely optional. 
  9. Grease your palms with ghee and start rolling the laddoos. 
  10. Press this coconut ball in the middle and fill it with a teaspoon of Gulkand and roll it again to seal it. 
  11. Take a plate and spread dry coconut powder in it. 
  12. Roll the ready ladddoo in it and keep it on a serving bowl. 
  13. Tadaaaa!!!! Your laddoos are ready. Happy Cooking!!!


  1. If taking fresh coconut then roast it little longer to get rid of all the moisture from it. 
  2. You will yield approximately 10 laddoos out of this measurement. 
  3. If not adding food color then grind one paan leaf coarsely and add to the final mixture before rolling the laddoos to give a nice green color to it. 
  4. These laddoos can be refrigerated for a week or so.
  5. I have a very innovative recipe of Paan Shots too. Do check that recipe too here on my blog. 

I’m sure all your family members and friends will love and appreciate your creativity.

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