Tuesday, September 22, 2020

6 min Veg Biryani in an instant Pot/ Paneer Biryani in an instant pot/Veg Biryani in Pressure cooker

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Biryani is loved by all. And what if we make it in our instant pot?

So here is the quick and easy recipe.


1. Basmati Rice: 3 cups 2. Yogurt: 2 cups 3. Water: 3 cups 4. Paneer: 300 gm 5. Mixed veggies: 2-3 cups (refer the video for list of veggies) 6. Kewara essence: 3 drops (optional) 7. Rose water: 2-3 Tbsp (optional) 8. Saffron Strands: A Big pinch 9. Whole garam masala (refer the video for list) 10. Biryani Masala: 2 Tbsp 11. Fresh cilantro: 1 Cup 12. Fresh mint leaves: 15-20 13. Salt: To taste 14. Clarified butter: 2-3 Tbsp 15. Chopped onions: 2 medium 16. Fried Onion: 1 Cup 17. Ginger- garlic paste: 2 Tbsp


1. Put Instant pot on saute mode and put all the whole garam masala. Stir well. 2. Add chopped onions and let it become translucent. 3. Add ginger garlic paste. Stir well. 4. Add veggies and paneer one by one and stir well. (refer the video for the list) 5. Add yogurt. Stir well. 6. Add fried onions, 8-10 mint leaves and fistful of cilantro. 7. Add soaked rice and salt (refer the video for the instructions of how to soak the rice for perfect results) 8. Now line the rice with fried onions, 8-10 mint leaves and fistful of cilantro. 9. Add combination of rose water, kewara and saffron strands. 10. Add water, submerge the rice grains in the water. 11. Put the lid back on sealing mode. 12. Turn off the saute mode and put the pot on "Manual/Pressure Cook" mode on high for 6 minutes. 13. After 6 minutes are done, wait for 5 minutes and release the pressure. 14. Fluff the rice and take it out on a serving plate to stop the cooking further. 15. Garnish it with fried onion and cilantro.

Pressure Cooker Method:

If you are making it in normal pressure cooker then follow the same instructions and listen to one whistle on medium flame. And when the pressure is released just take it out in a serving dish immediately to stop the cooking process.

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