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No soak Sabudana kheer in Instant Pot/ Tapioca Pudding in Instant Pot


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#Kirtiskitchenkatta #SabudanaKheer #VratSpecial #VeganOption So we are back with another Vrat special recipe. Navaratri is starting and lot of people fast so this is the perfect and make yummy prasdam recipe. I have added ingredients if you are a vegan.

In the video I didn't soak the sabudana but if you wish you can definitely soak it for a few minutes or use the soaked sabudana if you have any left over from your other recipes.

Ingredients: 1. Sabudana/ Tapioca pearls: 1 Cup 2. Milk or Coconut Milk: 2 Cups 3. Water: 1/2 Cup 4. Sugar: 1/2 Cup 5. Ghee/ Clarified butter or Coconut oil: 1 Tbsp 6. Mixed Nuts: 1/4 Cup 7. Saffron strands: A big pinch 8. Salt: A pinch Method: 1. Put instant pot on Saute mode (Mode) 2. Roast the chopped nuts for a minute or so and tur off Saute button. 3. Add Sabudana and stir it with the mixed nuts. 4. Now add milk and water. Stir. 5. Add sugar and a pinch of salt. (in the video I added at the end) 6. Put a couple of saffron strands and stir. 7. Put the lid and instant pot on Sealing mode. 8. Press 'Manual/ Pressure cook' button and adjust the pressure by pressing the "Pressure" button to Low for 5 minutes. 9. After 5 minutes quickly press the 'Cancel' button to stop the cooking. 10. Wait for Natural Release and open the lid carefully. 11. Stir it. Add remaining saffron strand and crushed pistachios (optional) 12. Put the lid back for 20-30 minutes. 13. After 30 minutes the pudding is ready and the tapioca pearls are doubled in size. If it's too thick then add some hot milk. 14. Serve it with other Vrat/ Upas delicacies from my channel. The playlist is below. Hope you all like this super easy recipe. Do try it and let me know in your comments. Happy cooking !!!!

Vrat/ Upas Playlist on my YouTube Channel.

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