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Flax-Seed Meal, Wheat Flour, Oats & Methi Paratha

Flax-Seed Meal, Wheat Flour, Oats & Methi Paratha

I recently visited my Doctor and he said my Hemoglobin is little low than normal range. Since this was happening for the 1st time, I panicked. Came home thinking what can I incorporate in my cooking which will take care of this issue and at the same time my family (I have a 3 yr old toddler) will love it. I love Indian cooking, so decided to try something healthy yet interesting food item. Doctor said eat meat, eggs or green leafy vegetables and then just struck in my mind why can’t I make parathas? Went to my pantry and found Flax seed meal which is really high in Omega-3, found old fashioned oats & wheat flour. Didn’t have fresh leafy vegetable so just took frozen methi (fenugreek) and started. Hope you will enjoy this paratha the same way as me and my 3 year old did.


Jawas/ Alashi pith (Flax-seed meal): 1 Cup
Kanik/ gavache pith (Wheat flour): 2Cups
Old fashioned oats (whole): ½ Cup
Fresh/ Frozen Methi (Fenugreek): 1 Cup (very finely chopped)
Ale-Lasun paste (Ginger-garlic paste): 1 TBsp
Jeera (Cumin): 1 Tsp
Ajwain (ova): 1 ½ Tsp
Roasted Til (Sesame seeds): 1 Tsp (optional)

Dhana- Jeera powder (Cumin-coriander powder): 1 ½ Tsp
Haldi powder (Turmeric): 1 ½ Tsp
Hing (Asafoetida): ½ Tsp
Lal tikhat (Red chili powder) 1 Tsp (according to your taste)
Italian seasoning: 1 ½ Tsp (completely optional)
Salt: To taste
Water: For kneading the dough (You may replace water, with either milk, butter milk or half n half to knead the dough)
Tandalachi pithi (Rice flour): You may use it while rolling the paratha as required (however you may use any flour of your choice while making the paratha)
Desi Ghee (Clarified butter): While roasting the paratha

Sour Cream/ Yogurt/ pickle : As a side with paratha


Take wheat flour and flax seed meal (2:1 proportion) in a bowl. Add whole old fashioned oats, methi, ginger-garlic paste and other spices to the flour. Knead well. You may use little olive oil while kneading the dough. The dough shouldn’t be very tight or watery.

Now take a small tava/ Pan and keep it on the gas on medium-high heat. Start rolling the parathas, I usually use rice flour while rolling the paratha or roti. This will avoid the dough from sticking to the rolling pin or to the surface on which you are rolling the paratha. You may use any flour of your choice while rolling the paratha. Put the paratha on hot tava and roast it. Put desi ghee while roasting the paratha, this will give a nice flavor to this very healthy paratha. Also anytime ghee is better than any oil, since we are making a kid friendly paratha.
Serve hot with your choice of side. I usually serve it with a dollop of sour cream with a small pinch of chat masala on it. However, you may serve it with yogurt, pickle, ketchup or with some other condiments of your choice.

I found this a very healthy version of paratha, what do you think? Please post your comments on this blog on my blog page. If you like it give a thumps up and please share it with others.

Don’t forget to enjoy this yummy, kid-friendly dish. Happy Cooking!!!! J

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