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Rava Ladu/ Coconut-Rava/Suzi/Semolina Ladu

 Rava Ladu/ Coconut-Rava Laddu/Suzi/Semolina Laddu

Rava ladu is a well known delicacy or sweet of Maharashtra, India. It is usually made during Diwali festival as part of Diwali faral. Diwali Faral is nothing but few snacks that are made and distributed among friends and families. They are made for the winter season.


  1. Rava (Suzi/ Semolina): 2 Cups
  2. Grated Coconut (Fresh or Frozen): 1 Cup 
  3. Desi Ghee/ Tup (Clarified butter): ¾ Cup
  4. Sugar: 1 ¾ Cup (Adjust sugar according to your taste) 
  5. Water: ¾ Cup
  6. Velachi pud/powder (Cardamom powder): 1 Tsp (grind coarsely) 
  7. Badam (Almonds): 5-6 peeled & sliced
  8. Bedane/ kishmish (Golden Raisins): 15-20


Take a non-stick pan and add ghee to it. Once the ghee is melted add rava to it and keep stirring until golden in color (your kitchen will have beautiful aroma of this rava-ghee mixture, that's the indication of well cooked rava). Now add grated coconut to this rava and keep stirring on a medium heat. Stirring is a very important step while making these ladu because we don’t want to burn the mixture at any time. Rava, coconut and other ingredients in this recipe really can get burnt quickly, so be very careful. Now keep this mixture aside.

Take another non-stick pan. Add water and sugar to make sugar syrup. We need to boil this syrup just for 2-3 minutes, once it starts boiling and becomes transparent, immediately turn off the heat. This is also called as “Ek-tari pak” in Maraathi language.

Now add velachi pood, badam, bedane and rava mixture to this sugar syrup. Rava and coconut mixture will absorb the sugar syrup in some time. Approximately after every 30-45 min keep stirring this mixture. After 2-3 hours these ladus will be ready to roll in a balls. Now make medium sized balls, you may need to put a little ghee on your palms while rolling the balls. Garnish each ball with bedana or a raisin. Voila…Your yummy Rava ladus are ready to dig in.

This mixture will make approximately 12-13 medium sized ladus. Keep it in an airtight container in refrigerate since it has coconut in it.

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  1. Hey.. Thanks a ton for this recipe!! I have been wanting to do this from quite sometime. Looks deceptively simple. :P
    Shall send you the photos when I make them.

  2. Sure Saee glad you found it easy...waiting for the pictures. ..happy cooking

  3. This recipe is to die for! I guarantee you cannot stop at one! Thanks for sharing these wonderful treats Kirti!

    1. Awww...thank you so much Vaibhavi for your kind words. Thanks for sharing your views about this recipe. Happy cooking :)