Tuesday, May 12, 2020

4 min instant pot Shevayachi kheer/Semiya payasam/Vermicelli pudding/ शेवया ची खीर/ Sevai Kheer

Instant pot Semiya kheer/ शेवया ची खीर in an Instant Pot

Youtube link of Shevaychi Kheer I love love Shevai or Semiya kheer. Growing up in the state of Maharashtra, India this used to be my mom's go to dessert for any occasions. So here is an easy recipe which I made in an Instant Pot. Ingredients:
1) Roasted Vermicelli (Shevaya/semiya): 1/2 Cup 2) Whole Milk: 2 cups 3) Clarified Butter (Ghee): 2 Tblsp 4) Sugar: 3/4 Cup 5) Slivered almonds: Fistful 6) Golden raisins: Fistful 7) Cashew nuts: Fistful 8) Saffron strands: 1 big pinch (soaked in 2 tbspn of milk) 9) Cardamom powder: 1 Tspn Method:
1) Put Instant pot on Saute mode and set it to Normal temp. 2) Put ghee in the instant pot and let it melt. 3) Add cashews and roast till they change the color a bit. Take it out in a bowl. 4) Add golden raisins, saute a bit and take them out too in a bowl. 5) Roast vermicelli in the same ghee. No need to add extra ghee. 6) Now add slivered almonds to it and saute. Add saffron mixed milk in it and saute a bit. 7) Add 2 Cups of warm milk to the vermicelli and stir a bit. 8) Add sugar and stir till it's dissolved. 9) Now add fried golden raisins and cashews to the mixture. 10) Add cardamom powder. Stir it well. 11) Turn off the 'Saute' mode and put the instant pot on 'Manual' mode. 12) Set it for 4 min & the whistle on sealing mode. 13) Once 4 min are over, wait for 7-8 minutes and release the pressure or quick release (QR) 14) Open the instant pot lid carefully and stir. It's ok if it looks little runny at this time, the semiya will soak up the milk in some time. 15) Take it out and garnish it with saffron milk & dry fruits. Hope you like this super easy recipe. If you like it please do hit the subscribe button. Like/ Share/ Subscribe to www.youtube.com/kirtiskitchenkatta Also do visit www.kirtiskitchenkatta.com and follow the blog for more interesting recipes.

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