Thursday, May 14, 2020

"Dalgona Coffee" / Korean coffee

There are very few people on this earth who don't like coffee and that too the latest internet sensation "Dalgona Coffee" .

Here is the easiest way to make it.

Youtube link for Dalgona coffee

Ingredients: 1)Instant coffee: 3 Tbsp 2)Sugar: 3 Tbsp 3) Water: 3 Tbsp
4) Milk: 2 cups Method:
1) Take a tall cup or glass and put coffee, Sugar and water.
2) Just Stir stir till you see a peak of the coffee. 3) I used hand mixie, you can use just a fork to stir it. It takes little extra time but all worth it.
4) Now take a cup and put cold or warm milk.
5) Put 2 table spoons of this coffee concoction.
8) Stir it and enjoy the coffee.

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