Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Molaga podi/Gun powder/ Pud chutney/ south indian chutney/ Idli Podi/ Milagai podi

My husband's grand mother is from Kerala, India so I am going to prepare Molaga podi chutney according to her recipe. This chutney has a lot of variations like some don't add chana dal, some don't add til, some add kadhipatta & mustard seeds. My mom's is from Solapur, India which is closer to Karnataka, India so they add roasted peanuts powder and dry coconut to this chutney, which is popularly known as Pud Chutney. Ingrediaents: 1) Chana Daal: 1 Cup 2) Udid Daal: 1Cup 3) Sesame Seeds: 1/2 Cup 4) Dry red chillies: 1 Cup (according to your family taste buds and spiciness of chilies) 5) Salt: To taste 6) Hing (Asafoetida): 1 Tspn 7) Sesame oil: 3-4 Tblspn Method: 1) Dry roast sesame seeds til they are light brown in color. Take it out in a bowl. 2) Put 2 Tbsp of sesame oil and roast chana daal in it till daal changes color. Put it in the bowl in which you had put roasted sesame seeds in. 3) Roast Udid daal till light brown and add to above mixture. 4) Tate 1 Tbsp of sesame oil in the same pan and add red chilies. Roast till it's puffed up a little and changes color. Put it in above mixture. 5) Now add hing and salt to above mixture. Stir it. 6) Put it in a mixie pot and gride it. Don't make a powder, little bit coarse is good. 7) Your Molaga podi is ready to go with Idali, Dosa or with uttapams. Tips: If you are making it Maharashtrian style or karnataki style then add one cup each of Ground nuts or peanuts and dry coconut. Roast each separately and add to above mixture before grinding it. If you want to add kadhipatta then make sure you dry roast it really nicely, leaving no moisture in the leaves otherwise your chutney will be spoiled. If you want to add mustard seeds then roast 4-5 tbsp of mustard seeds in 1 tbsp of sesame oil, let it splutter and grind with above ingredients.

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